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OP Turun Seutu FIFA Challenge

hosted by ENHANCED @ Grail Quest'19 18.10.19 20:00


Re-imagining esports

We improve amateur players and teams by giving them required tools for growth. We enable teams by creating experiences designed to improve and help the team chemistry, work ethic and skill, in order to achieve desired results.

Ultimately we want to provide teams their first home, where the players feel like they’re been taken care of within our own community. We unleash the full potential of teams and follow their road from regional amateur-leagues to national and international tournaments on stage!


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Insight: FUT Champions

The first weekend league The FUT Champions is an online tournament in FIFA20. The FUT 20, which is available on the weekdays as the qualification...
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First impressions of FIFA20

Have you already got a chance to play FIFA20? We have been waiting for FIFA20 to arrive for the whole summer, since the online gameplay...
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