The journey of two gamers

Playing video games has always been the best way for me to spend my free time. My brother who I enjoyed playing with was quick to contest me in different games across different platforms. We had a good mixture of competition and teamwork when playing together, which in these games was often required to succeed.

When esports was first introduced to me and my brother through CS: GO, I experienced gaming from a whole new perspective. It was a more competitive form of gaming.

On the outside, CS: GO was very familiar but after following professionals play for a while, you would start to understand the different elements beneath.
The strategical aspect which consists of hasty decision making, teamwork and movement, combined together with an insane amount of raw skill was something I’ve never witnessed in any other video game before.

I believe that CS: GO is a great game for esports. The scene around the game has developed so much around the world and it continues to grow on national levels, and local national leagues will grow in the coming years.

We have established our foothold in the Finnish CS: GO scene as a gateway organisation for new up- and coming teams. Our goal is to develop teams from amateur to semi-professionals, with help of our management capabilities and know-how.

– Felix Kaukiainen