Changes to PUBG lineup

TurboBanaani leaves ENHANCED

With an amazing run and many promising showings in Nordic Esports League and PUBG Suomi Liiga, it’s unfortunate to announce the departure of TurboBanaani.

We were informed by TurboBanaani about his decision after the PEL Contenders League qualifiers. He states that he didn’t reach his personal goals, which made him to re-consider his career in PUBG.

“Being unable to qualify for PEL Contenders cost me a huge loss in motivation. I don’t want to stand in the way for the team, which confirms my decision to step down.” says TurboBanaani

We believe that TurboBanaani has showed the community what a great player he is. We are very thankful for all the work he’s done with our team.
It would be amazing to see that he’s back soon on the fields of Erangel, with a new and well deserved home!

As of now, we ‘ve ran different try-outs searching for our new fourth player. We’ve agreed to continue try-outs with Sunkka, who’s been playing with the team for the past few weeks. More information about our PUBG team will be available later.