Improvements and more grind

Yesterday, our CS:GO team participated in the first round of DreamHack Open Leipzig qualifiers. Our results have significantly improved with just a week of practice!

We got off to a strong start, beating our opponent Ez for you ironically 16-1 on de_overpass. Our second game was more of a challenge, when we met Proxima on de_train. From a 5-10 start on the T side we managed to grind 15-15 and force overtime. It eventually took 42 rounds for us to get the win.

This sent us further to our next opponent anime=HS played on de_inferno. We got off to a 5-10 situation on CT side, with some good rounds but didn’t really get in to the game. We got back in the game on our T side getting even to 10-10. Unfortunately we got to a tricky afterplant on round 21, which ruined our economy and we lost the game 11-16. GG!

We are satisfied with the progress we made in a short time. We continue to participate in different online qualifiers to make prepare us for upcoming domestic LAN events, starting in February.