First impressions of FIFA20

Have you already got a chance to play FIFA20?

We have been waiting for FIFA20 to arrive for the whole summer, since the online gameplay of FIFA19 was pretty much done after the last major events in July. The new version of the FIFA game series was released on Tuesday 24th of September and we celebrated it with a stream hosted by Zanttu22.

So how did our players feel about the new FIFA20? We asked them a couple of questions to find out after the first full week of gameplay!

“How do you feel about the new FIFA20 and who is the best player you’ve got so far?”

Marvingorgees11: FIFA20 looks really nice and I’ve enjoyed playing it. Feels much better than the earlier FIFA18 and 19. The best player I’ve got so far is Cavani!

Valdoboii: I have a great feeling after the first week! My best player so far is Kante.

Zanttu22: Gameplay feels a lot better than in the previous FIFA19, so I think that they’ve managed to create an enjoyable experience. The best player I got from a pack was Werner, but I got a chance to purchase Eriksen who’s the strongest on my team thanks to the amazing through ball’s!

“Which was your toughest match up so far?”

Marvingorgees11: I got to play against the FUT17 Champion Prinsipe, which I lost 1-0. It was a tough fight.

Valdoboii: I played plenty of games and it’s hard to say, but I think Zanttu22 was my hardest opponent!

Zanttu22: I got to say that the game against Valdo was a real hard one. I lost it 1-3. This week I’ve challenged Kossu72 for a match-up, which will be tough!

We’re going to be present at Grail Quest 2019 in Turku, be sure to buy your tickets and come and meet us. More information about what we’re going to do is coming up soon!