Season opening

With a very explosive spring season, we’re starting to feel warmed up and ready to take on the new challenges that the ESEA Main Division Season 34 will bring upon us.

Telia Esports Series Divison 1. Season 1 2020 (TES Div.1) was the first league of the spring which we completed, after ESEA Intermediate ending earlier this year where we finished 1-1 and secured our ESEA Main spot.

With mixed results from TES Div.1 we still keep our spot for the next season. The team has been busy with weekly qualifiers, such as the new Esportal Omen by HP CS:GO Open and Rainmaker Open, leaving just enough time to grind in the Finnish Esports League “Haastajaliiga“.

CS: GO coach Rasmus “rasmljs” Pirttimaa: The spring season so far has been up-and down, with mixed results. Nevertheless, we have made huge progress in our game during the last month, taking down significant opponents. Now it’s time to focus on consistency in our games.

ESEA Main has many good teams in it, and each match-up will be a difficult one, but we will prepare as good as we can for each game.


In ESEA Main S34 there are a total of 82 registered teams ready to fight for the spot in Advanced.

Many new teams have risen in the Finnish CS:GO scene, and we have the pleasure to compete against these teams and organisations across multiple leagues and qualifiers, which we think indicates to a really interesting and healthy scene we currently have.

Of the 82 teams competing in the league, there’s six familiar Finnish teams in the league, including organisations such as Veto Esports, Conquer Gaming, Team CrazyCoco, SJK Esports, YMCA Esports and Team Frosty. Writing these names down here, and looking at some of the other ones on the list, such as DreamEaters, Begrip Gaming and Famila to name a few, there is no doubt this will be our hardest trial ever in CS:GO and we are excited to begin this journey.

Ville “Waltteri” Haste, CS:GO team captain: Our spring season has been so hectic. For two months time, we had to practice 4 times a week with Mikzuuu plus the qualifiers and official games on top of that!

Overall we’re very happy with the situation as of now, every game is a new experience and we continue to learn. We hade a great start to FEL Challenger season, and we will continue the hard work to reach our goals (qualify to the main league of TES and FEL).

ESEA Main begins this week, and we’ve prepared for this by extending our map pool and had a small bootcamp. We will have a few days brake with relaxation to recuperate for the upcoming season start later this week.

We’ll keep you updated on our journey through our new Twitch account, where we will stream our matches and events. So be sure to go and follow our Twitch and Twitter to stay in touch with us.