Preparing for a journey

It’s spring time and the long wait for the Fortnite World Cup is over.

Last weekend we organized a final preparation for the Fortnite World Cup series.
We had bootcamp at Evolution Arena in Turku with a goal to strengthen team chemistry, communication and to set goals for us. Fogie and Termis played the World Cup Warmup -tournament and finished top 500 in EU. This gives us a good base to build on and we’re excited to see even better results in the future.

We also had the pleasure to have Marvin Gorgees come by and play his weekend league games as well as get to know the Fortnite duo Fogie and Termis!

The World Cup is a 10 week long series with two game days each weekend. It grants our duo the perfect opportunity to rise among the best European players. You can read more about it here.