Marvin at FIFA eNations Cup bootcamp

Preparing for the future

Last Friday we received information that Marvin Gorgees had been invited to a bootcamp by the Finnish national team. The purpose of the bootcamp was to scout and trial the top Finnish players in order to choose the representants for the FIFA eNations Cup, which will take place in England on the 13-14th of April this spring. The bootcamp took place in Helsinki and was organized by Palloliitto.

The two chosen players were Snipguy and MakezCR. Nonetheless, we’re extremely thrilled for Marvin and hope to see him representing Finland in future events.
The level of skill that he’s already capable of showing only promises good things for the future! Marvin will join the ENHANCED bootcamp on 5-7.4 which will be held in Turku.

Best of luck to both Snipguy and MakezCR in the upcoming FIFA eNations Cup!

(Marvin Gorgees, second from right. Photo by Palloliitto)