Second addition to our streamteam

Introducing: Aku Tamminen

We want to provide more content in new ways for you to enjoy. The natural thing for us to do is expand our streamteam with more passionate and entertaining people, who are highly involved with their community!

We are happy to welcome our second addition to the streamteam – Aku Tamminen!  Aku is our first YouTube streamer (don’t worry, Aku also streams on Twitch) and has personal VLOGS as well as other interesting content.

One of our  other goals in 2019 is to provide more interesting ways to follow us in our journey in #esportsfi and everything around it. This is why Aku Tamminen is a perfect fit for our team. We are very excited to see what we can create together!

Be sure to give Aku your support by following him on his socials: