FragLeague and PSL Season 2

Fort the past month, we’ve worked on finding ways to build established and long-term solutions for our players. We are still in a building phase and have things to figure out. On the other side we are bringing more content for you and more possibilities for our players!

Last year was the beginning, this year will be all about building further, before we can start with the progressing. We are looking forward to tell you more about our plans at a later stage!

Nonetheless, we are extremely glad to announce that we have a representation in the new seasons of FragLeague hosted by GLL, as well as PUBG Suomi liiga by  PUBG Finland. The leagues are a great way for us to be actively supporting the PUBG landscape which had a tremendous ending in 2018 and a awesome start in 2019 with the first Major.

For the PSL league we’ve added Kune, Jap1, Mise and PaG3, whom will be playing under the ENHANCED banner for the season! In FragLeague we are represented by the lineup consisting of Karn, Kune, Havokki and Jupezik. The players are on loan for the seasons from their respective teams.

We are excited to have the old and new faces with us on this journey. The co-operation with the team is as of now, restricted to these leagues due to the circumstances of PUBG leagues and the availability of players.

A comment from Kune in Finnish:

”Lähdetään tavottelemaan PSL season 2 parannusta edellis seasonin 3. sijasta ja lineup on tehty mix mielessä sellaseks, että voidaan taistella voitosta.

Squadien vaihtuvuuden takia päädyttiin mix squadiin ja jatkoa ajatellen pysyvän lineupin kasaamista siirrettiin PSL season 2 jäkeiselle ajalle.”