Update on PUBG:

The departure of Horseman

We have parted ways with our former competitive PUBG team captain 69Horseman69, for the time being. The decision to step down from the team came when the squad failed to advance in the PUBG Europe League Open qualifiers.

This led to a difficult situation, due to the fact that PSL was still running and most free agents already competing in a team. We had already brought in Sunkka after TurboBanaani decided to step down, just a month earlier.

The people at PUBGFinland have worked hard to build an amazing league and we appreciate the work they’ve done. This is why there was no option for us to throw in the towel and leave the league.

We’ve issued this matter together with the team, who brought TurboBanaani back to the discussion. Thankfully everyone was on the same page and were determined to solve the problem. The outcome of this was that we have mutually agreed that we will finish the ongoing PSL season with the following roster: Karn, Kune, Sunkka and TurboBanaani!

As of now, we do not intend to continue participation in other leagues while PSL is still ongoing.

ENHANCED will continue in PUBG

The amount of talent and the community  that we have in Finland is something to appreciate. This means that we are still going to continue in the competitive scene of PUBG at a later stage. More information about the plans will be released soon!

For contact, please mail us at info@enhanced.fi.